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OSHRC co-hosted seminar featuring Dr. Svend Erik Mathiassen


Dr. Svend Erik Mathiassen Dr. Svend Erik Mathiassen

(September 2016) Dr. Svend Erik Mathiassen from University of Gävle in Sweden gave a highly-anticipated seminar co-hosted by OSHRC.  Dr. Mathiassen is a Professor and Research Director of Center for Musculoskeletal Research in the Department of Occupational and Public Health Sciences in University of Gävle.  

The seminar was titled "Physical Variation – A Magic Pill in Repetitive and Constrained Work?", and it was held as the Ingersoll-Rand Endowed Lecture Series by the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department in September 26, 2016.  The lecture was well-attended by the faculty and graduate students, mainly from Human Factors and Ergonomics and Manufacturing Systems Engineering fields.


PPT from Dr. Mathiassen on Sept. 26, 2016 Click the image for the presentation slides.

Please click the image (left) to open the presentation slides in pdf.  The following is the seminar abstract and a short biography of Dr. Mathiassen.

"Physical Variation – A Magic Pill in Repetitive and Constrained Work?" (flyer)

Abstract: Trends in global working life suggest an increasing occurrence of jobs characterized by repetitive operations or low-level physical workloads for extended periods of time. More variation in physical workload is considered both by researchers and practitioners to be an effective intervention against fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders in such jobs. This talk will review the validity of this conviction, on the basis of a recent scientific review requested by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. As a second objective, the talk presents a framework for quantifying and investigating physical variation, based on explicit definitions of variation as “the change in exposure across time” and diversity as “the extent that exposure entities differ."

Speaker bio: Svend Erik Mathiassen is currently the coordinator of the National Centre of Excellence “The Body at Work – from Problem to Potential.”  He has served on expert committees at the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare and The Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment, and he was Chief Secretary of the scientific advisory committee on work environment policy formed by the Swedish government 2008-2011. His main interest in research is physical activity variation in working life and leisure: how to measure “variation”, effects of different types of variation on performance, fatigue and disorders, and interventions in working life promoting or obstructing variation. His interest in exposure variability has also led to frontline research on cost-efficient strategies for collecting and analyzing data on physical load. He has published more than 300 scientific papers and has been invited to present his research in keynotes at major international conferences on ergonomics.

Divya Srinivasan joins OSHRC as core faculty


Dr. Divya Srinivasan Divya Srinivasan

(January 2016) The OSHRC welcomes Dr. Divya Srinivasan as a new core faculty member in the Leadership Team. Dr. Srinivasan is an Assistant Professor in the Industrial & System Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. She brings expertise in human factors engineering and ergonomics, and she has recently been working on various aspects of human health and performance in occupational settings with a goal to help in designing more sustainable jobs. Prior to coming to VT, she was an EU Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Musculoskeletal Research at the University of Gävle, in Sweden.


Scott Barrett receives Society of American Foresters' Young Forester Leadership Award


Scott Barrett Scott Barrett

(November 2015) An OSHRC Faculty member Scott Barrett received 2015 Young Forester Leadership Award by the Society of American Foresters. He is Assistant Professor of Forest Operations, as well as Virginia Cooperative Extension Specialist in the College of Natural Resources and Environment. He coordinates the Sustainable Harvesting and resource professional (SHARP) Logger Program, which provides training to loggers, foresters, and others on the principles of sustainable forestry, environmental protection, as well as workplace safety.

Please go to the article on VT News about Dr. Barrett's work and the leadership award descriptions.

“Effect of Obesity in the Workplace” study was featured at American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)


Dr. Maury Nussbaum Maury Nussbaum

(July 2014) A recent publication in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene about effect of obese on performing workplace tasks was featured as a press release by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).  The news described the study conducted by Maury A. Nussbaum, OSHRC Director and HG Prillaman Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering department, and Dr. Lora A. Cavuoto, Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo in NY and one of Professor Nussbaum’s former Ph.D. students.  Please go to the AIHA website to read the press release about the study.

JOEH: Obesity Linked to Low Endurance, Increased Fatigue in the Workplace,-Increased-Fatigue-in-the-Workplace.aspx

Hindman’s Residential Fall Arrest System research was featured on WDBJ7


Dr. Daniel Hindman Daniel Hindman


Dr. Carlos Evia Carlos Evia

(June 2014)  A residential fall arrest system research for roofers at Virginia Tech was featured on the WDBJ Channel 7, a CBS-affiliated television station. Daniel Hindman, an OSHRC Core Faculty member and Associate Professor of Sustainable Biomaterials Department, discussed in the interview about construction workers’ fatality due to fall and his research on fall arrest systems and harnesses for residential roofers. The interview also included Carlos Evia, an OSHRC Faculty member and Associate Professor of English Department, as well as Bill Good, Executive vice President of National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). The interviews and demonstrations by students wearing a fall arrest harness took place at the Engineering Renewable Materials Structures Lab at the Brooks Forest Products Center.

Please go to the WDBJ7 website to watch the interviews and demonstrations for the fall arrest systems research for residential roofers.

Virginia Tech Construction Safety Research (2m. 21s.)

Hosig has been named to Alumni Hall of Fame from Nutrition Science Department at Purdue University


Dr. Kathy Hosig Kathy Hosig

(May 2014)  OSHRC Faculty member and Associate Professor in Department of Population Health Sciences Kathy Hosig has been named a 2014 inductee into Department of Nutrition Science Hall of Fame at Purdue University, where she completed her Ph.D. degree. The Hall of Fame Award honors alumni who have made a significant contribution to the varied fields of foods and nutrition and established a unique record in their work and life.

For more information, please check the Virginia Tech News.

Congratulations to Dr. Hosig!

Madigan and Martin Received College of Engineering Dean’s Awards for Excellence


Dr. Michael Madigan and Dr. Richard Benson Prof. Michael Madigan and College of Engineering Dean Dr. Richard Benson


Dr. Tom Martin and Dr. Richard Benson Prof. Tom Martin and College of Engineering Dean Dr. Richard Benson

(May 2014)  Two OSHRC Faculty members received College of Engineering Dean’s Awards for Excellence. OSHRC Core Faculty member and Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics Michael L. Madigan received the Certificate of Teaching Excellence, and OSHRC Faculty member and Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Tom Martin received the W. S. “Pete” White Award in Engineering Education. For additional information, please check the news announcement about the College of engineering Dean’s Awards for Excellence on the College of Engineering website.

Congratulations to Professor Madigan and Professor Martin!

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