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Construction & Safety


OSHRC has been conducting the following projects in Construction and Safety areas.  Click the title for more information about the project.   

Project Title PI, Co-I(s) Status
From Finger-Pointing to Lifesaving: A Supply Chain Approach to Construction OSH PI: Brian Kleiner 
Co-Is: Helen Lingard, Ron Wakefield, Nick Blismas, Andrew McCoy, Thomas Mills
20-year Trends in Work-related Injuries and Disorders among Carpenters PI: Hester Lipscomb
Co-Is: Kristin L. Kucera, Barbara A. Silverstein
Novel Optical System for Real Time Monitoring of Welding Fumes PI: Yong Xu
Co-Is: Zhiwen Liu, Anbo Wang, Thomas Mills
A Fall Protection System for Residential Construction Considering Usability and Worker Attitudes PI: Daniel Hindman
Co-I: Tonya Smith-Jackson
Noise and Vibration Control of Hammer Drills PI: Ricardo Burdisso Completed


  • Hindman, D., Morris, J., Mohamadzadeh, M., Koch, L., Angles, J., and Smith-Jackson, T. (2013). Personal fall arrest system anchors in residential construction. Wood Design Focus, 23 (1), 20 – 27.
  • Peihua Zhang, Lingard, H., Blismas, N., Wakefield, R. and Kleiner, B.M. (2013). Application of Q Methodology in studying construction stakeholders' perceptions of OSH risks - An introduction to the preliminary stage. Proceedings of the 19th CIB World Building Congress, Brisbane 2013: Construction and Society. Eds Kajewski, S., Manley, K. and Hampson, K. 5th -9th May 2013.
  • Angles, J., Nakata, A., Morris, J., Dhillon, G., Smith-Jackson, T., and Hindman, D. (2012). Requirements and task analysis of fall protection for residential construction. 2012 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Orlando, Florida, May 18 – 24, 2012.
  • Angles, J., Thompson, N., Trochez, G., and Smith-Jackson, T. (2012). Ladder task performance and mental workload: A scaled world study. 2012 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Orlando, Florida, May 18 - 24, 2012.
  • Jihaeng Yi, Chih-Yu Jao, Ishac L. N. Kandas, Bo Liu, Yong Xu, and Hans D. Robinson, Irreversible adsorption of gold nanospheres on fiber optical tapers and microspheres, Applied Physics Letters, 2012, 100(15), 153107 (4 pages).
  • Zhao, D., Thabet, W., McCoy, A, and Kleiner, B.M. Managing Electrocution Hazards in the US Construction Industry Using VR Simulation and Cloud Technology. European Conferences on Product and Process Modeling in the Building Industry.  July 25-27, 2012. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Smith-Jackson, T., Artis, S., Hung, Y.H., Kim, Y.N., Hughes, C., Kleiner, B. and Nolden, A. (2011). Safety critical incidents among small construction contractors:  a prospective study. The Open Occupational Health & Safety Journal. 3: 39-47.

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