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Construction & Work Organization


OSHRC has been conducting the following projects in Construction and Work Organization areas.  Click the title for more information about the project.   

Project Title PI, Co-I(s) Status
From Finger-Pointing to Lifesaving: A Supply Chain Approach to Construction OSH PI: Brian Kleiner 
Co-Is: Helen Lingard, Ron Wakefield, Nick Blismas, Andrew McCoy, Thomas Mills
An LHA-based Approach to Safety Education among Latino Roofers PI: Thomas Arcury
Co-I: Thom Mills, Sara Quandt, Wei Lang, Joseph Grzywacz
Micro-processes of Latino Construction Workers' Health: Feasibility of Computer Assisted Telephone Survey (CATS) PI: Thomas Arcury
Co-I: Joseph Grzywacz, Sara Quandt, Carlos Evia, Thom Mill, Carlos Evia, Manuel Perez-Quinonez
Training Needs Analysis of Single Entity and Family-Owned Small Construction Business PI: Tonya Smith-Jackson Completed


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