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Graduate Training in Occupational Safety & Ergonomics

Virginia Tech was awarded NIOSH Grant for Graduate Training in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics

PIs:  Maury Nussbaum, ISE; Deborah Young-Corbett, Myers-Lawson School of Construction, Michael Agnew, ISE

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Virginia Tech has been awarded a five-year grant to provide graduate education in the realm of occupational safety and ergonomics.  The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) has been engaged in occupational safety and health educational and research for the past 35 years and ISE has received funding the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) since 1992 to provide graduate training in occupational safety and ergonomics.  This new award will allow the program to expand into providing education and training for those seeking careers in occupational safety and health within the construction sector.  

Faculty from ISE have partnered with faculty from the Myers-Lawson School of Construction, to develop this new graduate education opportunity.  This faculty partnership has been established through the university’s Center for Innovation in Construction Safety and Health (CICSH), a multi-disciplinary research center devoted to improving working conditions within the construction sector.  CICSH has been supported by NIOSH research funding since 2004.  The new educational program provides coursework and practicum experiences in the subjects of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, system safety, prevention through design, and ergonomics, available to graduate students entering this specialty track within the graduate program at Virginia Tech.  The award provides financial support for two full-time graduate trainees per year, and program graduates have gone on to diverse professional careers in industry and academia.

Example Courses

  • CEE 4064/5064:  Designing for Hazard Control in Construction
  • ISE 5605:  Human Factors in Systems Design
  • ISE 5614:  Human Physical Capabilities
  • ISE 5615:  Human Factors in Research Design
  • ISE 5674:  System Safety Analysis
  • ISE 5684:  Industrial Health and Hazard Control

News article

Maury Nussbaum and Deborah Young-Corbett were awarded a 5-year NIOSH grant for graduate training in construction occupational safety and health (February 2013)